Fun for children and adults

All of you looking for an adrenaline rush and good fun should not miss Duboka Adrenaline Park. Papuk’s new top nature park destination, and test your skills! The elements of Duboka Adrenaline park extend over an area of ​​about 4000 m² in two polygons with different exercises (devices) located among the trees. In order to have adequate content for the needs of all age groups, there is a polygon with 12 elements for adults, while another one with 9 elements is provided for children. The zip line (the trail down the cable) is especially interesting. Come and have fun in Duboka Adrenaline Park!


square meters of entertainment

elements for adults

elements for children

Price list for the Adrenaline Park Duboka

The price for two hours in Duboka Adrenaline Park is 50 kn for children (low-level) and 100 kn for adults (low and high-level).

Location of the Adrenaline Park

The Adrenaline Park is located in the Campground Duboka, in the valley of the Dubočanka creek in Velika.

The adrenaline park is closed during the winter months (until March, depending on weather conditions)

Explore Papuk on two wheels

Rent a bike and embark on an adventure that will take you through the untouched nature of one of the most beautiful nature parks in Europe.

Bicycle rental is not possible in winter (depending on the weather, until March).

Bike rental prices

90kn (up to 3 hr) / 200kn (3-10 h)

160kn (up to 3 h) / 300kn (3-10 h)

It is important to know that…


Bicycles can be rented in Velika exclusively by prior notice at: e-mail: turizam@pp-papuk.hr


Bicycles rented in Velika can be returned in Jankovac and vice versa, no later than 7 p.m.


Bicycles are appropriate for adults only


In order to rent a bike, you need to have an ID so that our employees could complete the lease agreement. They will also explain the details related to bikes and recommend some interesting routes. While visiting and using the adrenaline park, certified instructors are provided to take care of visitors’ safety.

Safety first !
There are certified instructors who take care of the visitors safety while using the adrenaline park.

Meet Papuk Nature Park and Papuk Geopark

Papuk nature Park is a mountainous area that extends into the area of ​​Požega-Slavonia and Virovitica-Podravina counties. Its area of ​​336 km² is characterized by geological and biological diversity and valuable cultural and historical heritage, which made it a member of the European and World Network of Geoparks, and thus the first and only Geopark in Croatia demarcated by UNESCO as a protected zone. Velika, a settlement on the southern slopes of Papuk is the main starting point for exploring Papuk from Požega-Slavonia County. It is located 12 km north of Pozega at 273 m above sea level and is part of Papuk Nature Park and Papuk Geopark. Above Velika there is an old fortress Velički grad and the Veličanka creek passes along. Choose among walking, hiking, biking or jogging, and look for Sokoline Rocks near Velika and try rock climbing.


Kamp Duboka,
F. Cirakija 21k, 34330, Velika
Email: turizam@pp-papuk.hr

Telephone: +385 91 3352209

Please print the Statement of usage of Adventure Park Duboka and GDPR regulations before arrival to speed up the registration process upon arrival.

Projekt „Geopriče UNESCO geoparka” je do sada najveći projektni prijedlog odobren u ovom dijelu Hrvatske, ukupne vrijednosti 90.090.587,54 kuna uz 85 posto potpore Ministarstva regionalnog razvoja i fondova EU, dok će ostatak sredstava uložiti Park prirode Papuk kao prijavitelj projekta u partnerstvu sa Županijskom upravom za ceste Virovitičko-podravske županije. Studiju izvodljivosti i prijavnu dokumentaciju izradila je VIDRA agencija za regionalni razvoj Virovitičko-podravske županije.

Projekt „Geopriče UNESCO geoparka“ obuhvaća ulaganje na nekoliko lokacija koje su tematski povezane u jednu cjelinu – kategoriju ulaganja. Od posjetiteljske infrastrukture i sadržaja planira se izgradnja i opremanje Geo – info centra Voćin, adaptacija i opremanje dvorana u Kući Panonskog mora, montiranje elemenata Adrenalinskog parka Duboka, rekonstrukcija ceste Slatinski Drenovac – Jankovac – Granica županije te izrada, nadogradnja i opremanje ukupno 6 vidikovaca.